Friday, July 29, 2011

From Foster to "Forever"

Arnie, the dog who stole our hearts!

In early May, we started fostering Arnold from PAWS Chicago. The day I arrived at the PAWS intake center in Little Village to begin another fostering assignment (our sixth), a Chihuahua was brought out. Although I had once cared for a dog of this breed, I prefer more "furry" dogs and I asked if there was another option.

We had to look no further than the reception area, where a draped crate was temporary home to a Terrier recovering from his first heartworm treatment. Arnold tentatively emerged from the crate, licked my hand, and sealed the deal.

Arnold was to be kept on a strictly-limited activity regimen. He would undergo two more injection treatments in the next 2 1/2 months, supplemented by daily meds. He had to be carried up and down the stairs for his brief "outside" visits. We couldn't play with Arnold as we would with other dogs. Nonetheless, he quickly settled into our domestic routine, and after nearly 3 months, we couldn't imagine our home without him.

Just 4 days ago, I drove Arnie down to PAWS-Little Village for his blood testing. He stayed overnight and was neutered the next day. On Wednesday, the PAWS van transported him and other ready-to-adopt dogs to the north side, where the PAWS adoption center is located. Steve and I had made an appointment to meet with an adoption counselor, and after an informative and thorough 1 1/2-hour session, Arnie was brought in to reunite with us. What a pleasure to bring him back home and have him settle into his familiar territory!

Hats off to PAWS for giving Arnie the best of medical care during his heartworm ordeal. We will do our best to give him a healthy and happy life!

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  1. What a sweet story! I hope we get to meet Arnie one of these days!
    We must have that coffee date!
    The problem is that we are hardly ever free at the same time these days!
    Hope all is well with you:)
    Claire Purkis